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Default Alaska Offroad Warriors

I finally saw an episode lastnight. I learned a lot:

6" of mud equals "no bottom"

It's stressful to go up a rocky two-track that many other people have traveled... because if you're not careful, and stall out, you may lose traction and go rolling over the side of the hill.

Black pepper like that used for cooking will fix a leaking water pump. Okay, supposedly this might work. We'll have to test it sometime.

You can stick a shovel in the ground, stand on it, and it will be adequate as a winch point to quickly pull a fully loaded expedition vehicle out of a hole... when a professionally constructed 'land anchor' was difficult for another team to use.

It's okay to use open differentials when racing through Alaskan back country, mostly where there are no easy roads or trails.

When you're alone in the Alaskan back country, with nothing to winch to, take the deepest ruts you see.

No need to use seatbelts when you're offroad because there are no police to give you a ticket.

If you're going to race from one end of Alaska to the other, and you have big mud tires to make it through sloppy, deep mud... wear regular work boots and stylish brown socks that barely cover your ankles. Waterproof knee boots are overkill.

Ha! I laughed at the stupidity for pretty much the whole show.

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